Katie Taylor – Boxing Clever or Fighting the good fight of Faith ??

Female boxer and Olympic gold medallist, Katie Taylor, has received some criticism for publicly thanking God for her victory in the boxing ring!!   We wish to make some observations about this matter and hopefully clear up the confusion and the wrong impression this young woman is giving of Biblical Christianity.

1. She claims to be a Christian, and our response is, anyone can make that claim but the Lord knoweth them that are His.

2. She thanked God for her boxing victory. We believe we can state with certainty that God does not approve of women boxing (or men for that matter),because it is wrong to blur the differences between men and women and it is wrong to engage in dangerous “sports”, as the Lord expects us to take care of the bodies He has given us.

3. She certainly should thank God, but for the following reasons,

a.She and her opponent are still alive!
b.Neither of them suffered brain damage
c.They can both still see and hear
d.Neither of them sustained permanent disfiguring facial injuries
Boxing can kill, it can cause brain damage, it can damage eyes and ears resulting in blindness and deafness and, in the case of boxer Becky Zerlentes, it robbed her of life.
Finally, Katie Taylor can thank God she still has the wit and sense to STOP BOXING!!!!



2 thoughts on “Katie Taylor – Boxing Clever or Fighting the good fight of Faith ??

  1. Katie Taylor is a powerful Boxer who can do exactly what she wants and neither of them were in any danger because they both wore protective headgear, and there is no evidence that your “god” even exists, let alone is against Women Boxing. Katie Taylor is a champion and has no reason to stop doing what she loves.

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