Horrific Attack on Woman in Colorado Springs

Occasionally we hear of cases that are so horrific that we are reluctant to write about such because of the subject matter. However, it appears that the Northern Ireland media (and UK and Eire) have either not heard about the following case or have decided not to report it. Be that as it may, we believe it is right for us to report what we have read.
On July 22nd this year, in Colorado Springs, USA, a 53 year old woman was checking her mailbox (she had returned from work after a long shift), when she heard male voices raised in anger and, thinking there was a fight between two groups of men, she intervened and spoke to them.
After calm was restored, some of the men invited her into their apartment and, for reasons we cannot understand, she accepted their invitation.She was offered what she thought was lemonade and remembers nothing after that. She was then gang-raped and left with injuries so horrific that the police detective investigating the crime said it is one of the most violent rapes he has ever seen and it caused massive internal injuries to the victim.

Five Iraqi Muslim Immigrants have been arrested for the crime. All the attackers had established “lawful permanent resident” status, so they were all in USA legally. The perpetrators are Muslims, so what conclusions do we draw from this case about Islam’s view of women, particularly Western women? Surely this is nothing less than hatred of women and a desire to make them suffer and, in Islamic countries, many Muslim women have been tortured and killed in “honour” killings (usually by male relatives). Just recently, a Muslim couple in England were found guilty of murdering their teenage daughter in an “honour” killing.
Feminists are strangely silent when it comes to the abuse of women in Islamic countries yet, in the West, they would take a man to court because he referred to them as “dear(s)”. What disgraceful hypocrisy on the part of feminists.
We sincerely hope that the sentences handed down to the wicked,depraved men involved in the attack in Colorado Springs will reflect the enormity of their crime.

2 thoughts on “Horrific Attack on Woman in Colorado Springs

  1. Those men and all like them are… better not say it or this comment probably wouldn’t be allowed.
    You’re right, a lot of feminists ARE hypocrites when it comes to Islam. Personally, I think Islam should be banned and people like those ones and the parents who murdered their daughter should be executed. Pity that (not-so)Great Britain, America and all the counties like them have become too “civilized” to give them what they deserve.

  2. American politicians and the liberals who pander to them refuse to see Islam for what it is, and are turning a blind eye to the invasion. If one wants to see the future of American if things don’t change, all they have to do is follow the events in Dearborn, MI – or shall I say, “Dearbonistan”?

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