Spanish Mayor stages “Daylight Robberies”

Juan Manuel Sanchez Gordillo, The Mayor of Marinaleda, a small town in Spain (population 2,645), has added daylight robbery to his list of Mayoral duties by staging robberies at supermarkets then distributing the stolen goods to the poor!

He sees himself as a modern-day Robin Hood  (we wish to emphasize the word “hood”) and he and his band of merry men have staged two robberies at supermarkets. So the mayor, no less than the regional lawmaker for the town, is now the regional lawbreaker!  Why is he not behind bars, you may ask?  We asked the same question ourselves, but it seems he has political immunity as a member of the regional parliament.
However, he would be happy to renounce it and then he could be arrested (he certainly deserves to be), as seven people have already been arrested for two raids on two supermarkets.

What a sad reflection on the moral/political state of Spain that this man is the regional “lawmaker”. If he was genuinely concerned for the poor (as opposed to self-promotion), he would buy food for the needy. Soon, the supermarket owners will be numbered among them, if this man is not stopped.

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