Doreen Lawrence and the Human Rights “Gravy Train”

Doreen Lawrence, the mother of the murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence, was in Belfast last week to deliver the P.J.McGrory Human Rights lecture, which was part of the West Belfast Festival. Patrick J.McGrory was a Solicitor, an Irish Republican, but also a constitutionalist and a human rights campaigner. He died in 1994.
Mrs.Lawrence was among friends at this festival as it was not  “Britain – friendly” and neither is she, although she and her husband were happy to take British money, in the form of a cool £ 320,000 in compensation from the Metropolitan Police for “bungling their son’s murder investigation.”
The Lawrence’s rejected a settlement of £175,000 (obviously not enough) and held out for more. As part of her legal action, Mrs.Lawrence submitted a detailed list of expenses. Her “statement of claim” included demands for,

£98,898 for loss of earnings caused by psychiatric illness.
£22,352 for the effect of the Police investigation on her studies in the 1990’s.

There were other expenses claimed in addition to the above. The liberal media,for the most part, ignore these disconcerting facts because they might tarnish the “halo” of secular “saint” Doreen. However, the Daily Mail did publish details of the compensation claim by the Lawrences in their newspaper of October 14th, 2000, but thereafter, they had nothing but praise for the Lawrences and championed their cause.
Certainly, the Lawrences deserved justice for their son Stephen,  but all that money,  well that is something else entirely. Two men were convicted of their son’s murder in January this year. We can only hope that the men now behind bars are the killers because, if not, the guilty party are still at liberty and justice is not served  if/when  a wrong judgement is handed down.






2 thoughts on “Doreen Lawrence and the Human Rights “Gravy Train”

  1. I am not sure if the author of this post is a woman. Everytime I see Doreen Lawrence’s picture, I don’t see the picture of a happy person at all. She is serving a very painful life sentence because of the death of Stephen – whose only crime was because of his colour.

    My gut feeling tells me that if she could wave a magic wand to change the events that has happened in her life since the death of her son, and swap it to having him alive throughout that period and alive today, she would gladly settle for the latter.

    Your post has made a number of references to material gains made by her family since the death of her son. No amount of money on this earth can compensate for the loss of a life.

    Let’s remember she carried Stephen for nine months prior to his birth; and that is hard work for any mother; not to mention going through the birth pain. I am sure that every mother can relate to her loss in that respect alone.

    Having to bury ones child is something not worth thinking of. This woman has had to endure that. As human beings, I think it is only fair that we have an indepth look into another persons misfortune before we start casting aspersions.

    • The issue is not whether or not Doreen suffered. It is about the myth that there is something exceptional and significant about her suffering.

      Taking a rational look at her position. She argued that the killing of her son was racist. To that end the BNP name was invoked in press. If Kent Police had complied with their own Police Authority call for inquiry they would have interviewed BNP (about expulsions and refusals of membership to people involved in paramilitary training and unlawful gun possession).

      Then the failure to bring a prosecution that, according to Doreen, was because police are racist (spotting a pattern)

      Her marriage broke up. yep Doreen blamed racist police.

      But the issue is whether the Lawrence team and Straw knew full well that, if Kent Police complied with their own authority call for inquiry, the Macpherson Report would have shifted from institutionalised racism towards corruption.

      Institutionalised racism was a term invented by the black power movement in USA. It featured as a red herring concept in Home Office sociology research of police recruits 1971 and raised its head in Scarman Report prior to being promoted from myth to bogus reality by the Lawrence Inquiry.

      I am old enough to remember Suffolk Police in the 60s before Lord Stonham etc got going with social experiment. There was a senior officer in Ipswich saying that the idea of a black African heritage is nonsense. In Ipswich Jamaicans were a problem but Barbadians well liked. Why ? In the Coromante areas of Africa, said the senior officer, they have over 30 tribal ethnicities. In Africa as a whole there is greater genetic diversity than the rest of the world. The idea of one black community was a dangerous social invention. If slavery was a determinant than what about the millions of white slaves ? What happened to their “Heritage”. And right at the outset of ethnic labelling the senior officer was told to wind his neck in. Sociologists had dictated that there would be a black community with a myth of one heritage.

      If, like me, you had phoned Ros Howells special advisor to Doreen Lawrence during the inquiry. You may also have been first asked to accept that “White people have felt superior to black people for centuries”. I was shocked and angered. This was and is blatant black racism. So I have no surprise to note that the famous photo of Stephen shows his black power salute.

      How long had he known his younger attackers ? Years. According to Doreen Stephen had politically rallied against them. What when the white lads were 14 and not even in the BNP ?

      Let a judge led inquiry actually get the truth.

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