Judge is judged ( and kowtows to the Left )

In Dublin recently, a District Court Judge, Mary Devins, made a comment that gave the anti-racist mischief-makers an opportunity to promote themselves,under the guise of “fighting racism.” In times past, judges were respected and feared and, in a courtroom the judge was in charge and those who refused to obey the judge’s directions, could be held “in contempt of court.”

Judge Devins had presided over a case involving defendants of Polish origin and a “violent alcohol-fuelled incident,” and the defendants were all recipients of social welfare payments. Then the judge presided over another case during which she made a remark suggesting that social welfare was a Polish charity. It is this remark that has landed the judge in trouble because a complaint was made to the Gardai (Irish Police). The judge apologised.

The Dublin based Integration Centre were quick off the mark with one of their number, Killian Forde, describing the judge’s original remark as “absolutely disgraceful”  and said her apology was insufficient.

In our view, the judge’s remark was reasonable and a wise observation,  and she did not need to issue an apology. The fact that she did  clearly shows the threatening, intimidating tactics of Mr.Killian Forde and his fellow interfering busybodies.

Let us conclude with some facts that Mr.Forde and his ilk ignore or downplay.

For the first time, there are more Polish nationals living in the Republic of Ireland than UK citizens, figures from the 2011 census found. The number of Polish nationals in Ireland has grown by 94% since 2006.

According to IrishTimes.com, November 5th, 2011, extraditions are running at an all-time high.The number of wanted people being extradited from the Irish Republic under European arrest warrants has reached record highs, with Polish nationals now accounting for more than half of those surrendered.
Most of the increase in extraditions by the Irish State came about as a consequence of a surge in activity by the Polish authorities in their efforts to repatriate people to face trial.
In 2010, of those extradited, 87 were sent to Poland compared to just 20 suspects being surrendered to that country the previous year.
In light of the above information, Mr Killian Forde’s hounding of the judge is “absolutely disgraceful” and he needs to apologise and that publicly.

PS   The above info was gleaned from several online news sources.

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