West Mercia Police offend Feminist Sensibilities

The West Mercia Police (whose area of responsibility covers Herefordshire,Worcestershire and Shropshire, England) have offended that section of society who make a career out of supposed offences  i.e  the Feminists. The Police launched an anti-rape campaign between July 13th – 28th this year and a poster was part of said campaign. The poster, advocating a “Safe Night Out”, communicated this message, ” Don’t let a nightful of promise….Turn into a morning full of regret.” It showed a woman in a skimpy dress at a club ,pub or disco, who knows which, and she is enjoying herself. Then below that image ,we see the same woman lying drunk on the ground and the impression given is that she has been sexually assaulted.

The Feminists went berserk at the sight of the poster because it dared to suggest that women could be raped and not be aware of the fact due to being intoxicated, and, that the assault could have been prevented if the woman had not been drunk. The Police, who are obviously afraid of feminists, issued a grovelling apology.

Feminists will not allow any man to suggest that women’s behaviour just might be a factor in sexual assaults because that would curtail women’s freedom to do anything they want to do, which means that women can dress in the most provocative clothing imaginable, flirt outrageously with men, drink until drunk, spend the night with a stranger and still cry “rape” the next morning. A police officer in Canada alerted women to the dangers of provocative dress as a factor in sexual assaults and, to punish him,  the Feminist Slutwalk commenced, the feminists sending a clear message and  warning to any man who holds them to account for anything ,and we mean anything.

In conclusion, let us state clearly that rape is a wicked sin and crime, but not every woman who accuses a man of rape is telling the truth. Sometimes the accusation of rape is made to cover up the sin of fornication and sometimes it is made as an act of revenge. Some men will take advantage of an intoxicated woman, this does happen, and such men are reprehensible. However,in our present society, the combination of feminism and alcohol can be lethal and strong restraints need to be in place to curb the societal influence of both. Incidentally, speaking of accusations of rape, a Feminist academic called Catherine Comins is of the view that false rape accusations against men can be good for them !!!!

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