The Amish-Mennonites and the Battle for Isabella

Burlington, Vermont, in the USA is the setting for the trial of an Amish-Mennonite Pastor, Kenneth Miller and, by extension, a network of Mennonites and friends, who, it is alleged, helped a mother, Lisa Miller, and her then aged 7 daughter, Isabella, to leave the USA, in 2009, because the mother was desperate, and determined to keep her daughter from the clutches of a lesbian, one Janet Jenkins.

The Pastor faces up to three years in prison, if found guilty. It is important to understand the background to this case to discover why quiet, publicity -shy Mennonites find themselves in the spotlight, and to ascertain what is really on trial in this case.
In 2000, Lisa Miller entered into a civil union (partnership) with Janet Jenkins.Lisa later had a child, Isabella, through artificial insemination and both women acted as parents.Some time after, Lisa became an Evangelical Christian and renounced her homosexuality.

In 2004, a child custody case went to Vermont family court after the two women dissolved their civil union, which granted primary custody to Lisa and visitation rights to Janet. Lisa has spent years in court trying to end Janet Jenkins’ parental rights. In 2009, after Lisa had refused to comply with court orders enforcing Janet Jenkins’ visitation rights, a Vermont judge ordered one more visit and threatened to transfer custody of Isabella to Janet Jenkins. Soon after, Lisa and Isabella fled the USA, present whereabouts unknown. Isabella is now 10 years old. Lisa is now a wanted woman and those who helped her are considered law-breakers.
The lesbian Janet Jenkins is portrayed as a caring “mother” with Isabella’s best interests at heart. Yet, some reports spoke of the child’s distressed state when she was returned to her natural mother after spending some time with the lesbian during court-ordered visits.
God’s law is above man’s law but lawless Governments “frame mischief by a law” when they capitulate to the demands of the “gay” lobby by “normalising” their lifestyle.There comes a time when Christians must obey God rather than men and, in this case, in order to protect Isabella, the wicked order granting a lesbian visitation rights had to be defied and deserved to be. The judge who issued the order will one day be judged by the “Judge of all the earth”.
We commend the Mennonites for their willingness to help a distraught mother and daughter and we trust that Pastor Miller will be totally vindicated and cleared of all charges. His trial commenced on 8th August and will resume next week, on the 14th.

PS   Above information was gleaned from several websites.

3 thoughts on “The Amish-Mennonites and the Battle for Isabella

  1. This case has bothered me for a long time. The lesbian partner had not adopted the child and had no biological connection. Her relationship was just a friend of the mother. And that’s how the judge should have handled it. She had no right to visitation or any sort of custody. The only way a judge could decide in the lesbian’s favor would be to disregard the law and push his personal agenda.

  2. I’m a lesbian, but I think mrandmrswhite and Glenn E. Chatfield are totally right. This woman wasn’t even related to the child – why is she being granted custody?

  3. If you ask me, they should have that Jenkins woman up for child abuse. The girl was traumatized – why haven’t they looked into that?

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