Name Her!

Further to our earlier post entitled Anonymous Accusers, here is further evidence that it is not uncommon for women to falsely accuse men of offences of a sexual nature. A 22 year old female claimed she was raped in Dromore, County Down, NI, on 5th August (two days ago).The Police have stopped their investigation and a file is being prepared for the Public Prosecution Service (PPS) regarding a false allegation of rape.

The Police are inclined to believe women rather than men when such allegations are made.That they did not clearly shows that whatever took place between that man and that woman, it was not rape. However, they may have engaged in unlawful sexual relations, which is sin, but not a punishable offence in law, but it was obviously not rape.
In addition to preparing a file for the PPS, this woman should be arrested for bearing false witness.Will this happen? Probably not. What will the PPS do? Probably nothing. That being the case, lest she get away with her wretched conduct, we say, NAME HER!

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