Oxford Dons and the Gender – Benders

Oxford University has rewritten its dress code. This is the first change in regulations in its 1,000 year history and will apply from 4th August (this Saturday). The dress code is no longer gender-specific and all references to men and women have been deleted. This is the University’s response to concerns that their original dress code was unfair to the transgendered community.

Certainly such people need compassion and help. However, only a sick society would accommodate and appease such disturbed people. The University is descending into madness. Under the new rules, students taking exams or attending formal occasions will not have to wear ceremonial clothing that appertains to men and women.

Therefore, there will be a parade of the abnormal  i.e  men dressed as women and vice versa and, men and women who have had gender mutilating surgery (forget gender realignment surgery, it is mutilation), or are preparing for such nightmarish surgery.

When and where will this madness end? We fear it will end with all those opposed to such abnormal, deviant behaviour being arrested as enemies of the State and dealt with accordingly and,  if that prospect doesn’t frighten our readers, it should,  because it certainly frightens us!

One thought on “Oxford Dons and the Gender – Benders

  1. Wow Susan, I shall bring transgender people to this article so that they can accuse you of slander and defamation….’abnormal people’…’deviant people’? you’d better be able to back that claim up in court!

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