Oh Danny Boyle – The Pipes the Pipes are calling – With a Paean to the Left !

We do not watch TV but we have heard enough (via radio) to know that the Opening ceremony of the Olympics was a paean to the Left. It was also disrespectful to the Queen. When will they leave the aging Monarch alone and give her a chance to rest. She is in her 80’s after all ! Think of the miles she covered during her Jubilee celebrations and all the events she was expected to attend. Then she had to endure that concert in front of Buckingham Palace when a motley crew of various so-called entertainers “serenaded” her in decibels that were surely harmful to her sense of hearing.Yet she was expected to praise such people.

Likewise, she had to agree to taking part in Danny Boyle’s political rally (and surely the words “had to” are accurate),giving it her stamp of approval and an air of respectability which it did not deserve.So he had fun and portrayed the Queen as “Action Woman” (using a stand-in), parachuting out of a helicopter (just like women soldiers).

In Mr.Boyle’s world, egalitarianism rules and multiculturalism is something to celebrate and encourage and the Opening ceremony was the ideal vehicle for him to overtly promote his socialist agenda. Like the Pied Piper of folklore whom the children followed willingly, only never to return, Mr.Boyle would have society follow him to the point of no return.

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