The Olympians – Multiplying Medals and Sexual Conquests!

The 2012 Olympic Games have officially begun, and, according to radio reports (we do not watch TV ), the celebration was extravagant, showy and inclusive (so important to the Left). Who will foot the bill for this shameful waste of money? Could it be the hard-pressed (not the well-heeled) taxpayer?

However, behind the glitter (and all that glitters isn’t gold), there is a seamier side to this altar to sport and that is sexual promiscuity.  According to press reports, it seems that condoms are a necessary addition to the athlete’s kit at London 2012 (and also at previous Olympics). Obviously, winning medals and trophies isn’t enough for some athletes, winning the sexual favours of women (and vice versa) is also an Olympic “sport”.

So we have physically fit but morally loose athletes! A repulsive condom manufacturer has made 150,000 free condoms available to competitors and that works out at nearly 15 each for the 10,000 taking part in the Games.  Do they hope to recruit athletes into a life of promiscuity or have some Olympians gained notoriety for their sexual anarchy? The Olympic authorities should have refused to accept the vile offer of free condoms for their athletes. That they did not says a lot about them!

Athletes require self-discipline to excel in their given sport but, obviously for some who choose moral looseness, their self-discipline does not apply in the moral realm. Feet that are swift on the race track are also swift to run to mischief. How sad!

The Bible declares that, “Their sorrows shall be multiplied that hasten after another god…”,Psalm 16 v 4. To those Olympians who run after the gods of sport and sex, this equation will apply,

Multiply sexual conquests = multiply sorrows.

One thought on “The Olympians – Multiplying Medals and Sexual Conquests!

  1. Dear Francis and Susan,

    I just found the blog and it looks like you have been busy! I am just preparing now for the Lord’s day services tomorrow. I will spend a bit more time on Monday DV looking through the page. God bless you both as you seek to serve God in this way.

    Mark F.

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