8 Sundays in London 2012

Earlier this year, in anticipation of the Olympic Games, the UK Government decided to suspend Sunday trading laws for eight Sundays, from 22nd July – 9th September in England and Wales,  stating that, “being able to open longer on a Sunday would help retailers generate tens of millions of pounds in increased profits during London 2012.”

Under current legislation,shops of more than 3,OOO sq.feet (280 sq.metres), can open for a maximum of 6 hours on a Sunday and only between 10am – 6pm. On the aforementioned 8 Sundays, such shops would be free to choose their opening hours..

Will this move on the part of the Government lead to a permanent relaxation of Sunday trading laws? According to Business Minister, Norman Lamb, the answer is “No”. He stated that, ” I wish to make it clear that this is a temporary measure, not a test case for a permanent relaxation of the rules in the future.”

We shall see !

However, it is clear that what lies behind the further commercialisation of the Lords Day is the love of money and the idolatrous worship of sport that is the Olympics.

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