The Belfast Doula -Inhabitant of La La Land

There are some subjects which we are reluctant to write about,even though they are in the public domain, and the subject matter of this post falls into that category, but, because it is so disturbing and because it may be aired on Radio Ulster very soon (we first heard it mentioned on that station yesterday),we wish to forewarn our readers.

One newspaper headline about this matter reads thus, “Placenta Smoothies on offer for new mums”. This hints at the practice advocated by one Hazel Mayger, apparently Northern Ireland’s first Placenta Encapsulation Specialist who also calls herself “The Belfast Doula”,which she further elaborates is ” a birth and post-natal doula”, a Labour coach. Well, considering that she (and others on the lunatic fringe) advocate that mothers consume their placenta (afterbirth), perhaps a better word for her (and them) is “doolally”.

Miss/Mrs.Mayger may reside bodily in Northern Ireland but her mind is in La La Land ! She makes many bold claims about the supposed health benefits of this repulsive practice and even if true, that would in no way justify the practice. Some animals consume their placenta after giving birth but human beings are not animals. 

An article on the internet warning mothers of the dangers of this practice made very disturbing reading as it stated that the placental tissue has the same DNA that the baby has and the same chromosomes, so in reality, if a mother consumed her placenta (in whatever form, capsules or smoothies etc.), she eats the baby’s DNA . This sounds eerily close to cannibalism and no further comment is required.

23 thoughts on “The Belfast Doula -Inhabitant of La La Land

  1. I would like to know what your qualifications are to be able to comment on the practice of placenta encapsulation??! Apart from reading other people’s opinions have you even contacted any mothers who have benefitted from this practice!!
    Don’t knock it until you try it!!
    And yes humans are animals according to scientific classification!! Homonus Genus!!

    • “…humans are animals…” While males could definitely be called animals, women are not, and this practice is making them seem like them.

      • That isn’t in the bible – you’re more likely to read the opposite in it or any religious book. That is my opinion, drawn from experience and research. I don’t believe in any religion. Religions are unreasonable, anti-woman and falsified. You’re welcome to believe what you want, but that’s what I think.

        But this article is about the equally unreasonable practice you are advocating, and the comments are going off topic. I notice you said nothing about how the logical conclusion is that this practice is cannabalism. Could it be you do not have an answer, Dolally – sorry, Doula?

    • To respond to Emma Green,

      Must we have qualifications in every subject we choose to comment on? We don’t think so. The practice of filling one’s stomach with placental tissue is something we simply cannot stomach!! Finally, we believe that human beings are the crown of God’s creation.You believe your grandfather was a monkey if you wish, but you won’t make monkeys out of us.

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  3. Wow, a hate post about me. I am flattered. Although I may well go ahead and sue you for defamation of character.
    This is a badly written article with nothing to back it up. Placenta encapsulation is nothing like cannibalism and it seems you didn’t even research much about it before spouting unfounded opinions. I am certainly not living in La La Land.
    There is an endless supply of anecdotal women who have tried encapsulation and testify to its benefits for aiding milk production, preventing depression and aiding healing and blood loss. I’m not sure why you find it so offensive at it is simply a natural form of medicine. I presume that you take medicines when you are ill, and probably have no idea of how they were made or how many animals died/were experimented on in the process.

    It will be interesting to see if you allow my comment.

    • You say it is not cannabalism. Well, there must be something wrong with me – or more likely it’s you. Because logic and common sense (I’m starting to wonder if that should be called UNcommon sense) tell me that eating part of your own body is eating a human, and eating a human is considered cannabalism, and so the logical conclusion is… this practice is cannabalism.

  4. Thankyou. I sincerely appreciate the free publicity. Now even more women will get to read about the wonderful benefits of placentophagy 🙂

  5. Just what I thought: the Belfast Doula won’t answer because she can’t answer – her position is indefensible.

  6. Oh my goodness, if you eat a part of your own body youre a cannibal?! Guess all those wee kiddies who eat ………….. are going to hell then.

    • I’m not sure exactly what it was that you said that was censured, but I have a good idea what you meant. That is different: they’re children and have no real comprehension of what they’re doing. This is adults and they know EXACTLY what they’re doing. What you said is a red herring.

  7. Interesting article and worthy of keeping an open mind. Northern Ireland seems to be comprised of some of the most hospitable and accommodating people on the planet. On the other hand we have some of the most bigoted, critical, judgemental people on earth. Unfortunately the people who choose to criticise their fellow men based on their own personalised beliefs and interpretations are of little benefit to anyone and certainly don’t represent the majority of people on the planet. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but that’s all it is. It is my opinion that critics of the placenta encapsulation process might benefit from taking a critical look at themselves and their negative attitude which serves not to lift others up but pull people down. Show some respect for others and show some love for your fellow man, live and let live.

  8. i’ve had two placenta smoothies and the rest of my placenta is in the freezer to be encapsulated … i myself notice a distinct drop in my levels of depression, as well as a rich supply of breast-milk. i know of vegetarians who say the only meat they would consume would be placenta…it is an amazing thing that kept my child growing for 9+ months and my only regret is not knowing about it when i had my first. ridiculous bigot.

  9. “Some animals consume their placenta after giving birth but human beings are not animals”, if you feel like that then maybe you can explain to us why we give/allow/promote our newborn babies to drink dried cow’s milk??

    • The operative word was “some” as in “some animals…..” What point are you making, Marie, because we do not believe that babies are consuming cow placenta when fed on dried cows milk.

  10. To mrandmrewhite
    I take great offence at the judgmental and presumptuous comment on that I believe my “grandfather was a monkey” I am a born again Christian who unequivocally believe that we are indeed the creation of God. I know that all things have been provided for us by Him and that includes all of the wonderfully CREATED natural plants and animals for healing and medicine and the FREE WILL to be UNHINDERED and NOT judged by MAN who will be in turn JUDGED by GOD. I also believe that something that is so fundamentally special in the development of a baby that God has PROVIDED for us would be a WASTE to throw away, incinerated or be used for stem cell research, since it has all of the benefits that the women require for a quick recovery after child birth!! I am shocked and disappointed in fellow believers who think they have the right to “ATTACK” and be so self righteously JUDGEMENTAL in every comment that has been made. Maybe the beam needs to be taken out of your own eye before you try to take a splinter out of someone else’s! Are you in a position to throw the first stone?!!! Maybe you need to examine your own selves before GOD, before Judging others so harshly and with no ounce of love! “If you don’t have the spirit of Christ you are not one of his”!! This is talking about Christ’s nature and how he treated people, not the receiving of the Holy Spirit. Ask yourself this, would Christ have been so uncompassionate and without love as you have been?!! Have you even searched the scriptures to see if this practice is there?! Well it is!!!!!!! It gives accounts of women going outside of the camps to give birth and to eat the afterbirth!!! I pray for the eyes of your understanding to be enlightened and for the hardness of your hearts to be soften by his grace and love!!

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