Modesty Unrecognisable!

We are coming round to the view that public swimming pools and beaches are places that should be off-limits for Christians. Why are we moving towards that extreme view (extreme in the eyes of some, that is)? Well, to be frank, it is because of the plague of public immodesty. Most women (and some men) who visit pool or beach to swim or paddle are “dressed” in what can only be described as coloured underwear, and that goes for children too.  Also, for men and women to be in such close proximity is something we frown on.

Society today doesn’t recognise modesty, even when confronted with it, as near-nakedness is so common (and not just at the pool).

Today, our daughter returned from a Bible camp, and during the holiday, the children were taken to a swimming pool. We gave our permission because our daughter has a modest swimsuit, which we ordered from USA. The lifeguard at the pool did not recognise her modest attire as swimwear, and suggested supplying her with a swimsuit, courtesy of the pool. Our daughter explained that she was attired in swimwear, but he remained unconvinced and walked away. This is not the first time this has happened.

Years ago, it was the other way round. What passes for swimwear today would have gotten some women (and men) arrested!!

5 thoughts on “Modesty Unrecognisable!

  1. Did your daughter choose to wear that swimsuit, or did you order her to? If so, is she allowed to make her own decisions? And what if she makes a decision you don’t like when she is eighteen (or whatever time she leaves home)? What will you do then, reject her?

  2. I feel sorry for your daughter. You’ve brainwashed her, you won’t let her make her own decisions, you make her wear clothes from centuries ago, and, if Yuri K’s right, you’ll reject her if she ever manages to break free of your brainwashing and make her own decisions. I suppose you think the only “occupation” she’s capable of (because she’s unfortunate enough, in your eyes, to be a GIRL) is to be a housewife. Poor, poor girl. You’ve no doubt impaired her decision-making ability to such a degree that she HAS to marry, because she’ll have to have someone to make her decisions for her. I’ll be praying for that teenager (who’s being kept from doing everything it’s normal for teenage girls to do and they should do).

    • You inform us that you will pray for our daughter, so are you claiming to be a Bible-believing Christian? If you are making that claim, then what do you make of the verses which teach modesty in dress, do they not apply today? What of the verses that command separation from the world and its corrupting influences? Should we ignore them. As for modesty, it is always in fashion and is a delight to behold as it is a rare jewel these days. You accuse us of brainwashing, well in response to this we can do no better than quote a dear Pastor in England who was described as being “brainwashed”.The Pastor simply said, “Yes, I’ve had my brains washed but you are brain-corrupted.” He meant that he, the Pastor, had the clean mind of the true Christian whereas his accuser had a corrupt mind. Our daughter is free to pursue a career (although some jobs are not suitable for women) and she could continue with it after marriage but if she is blessed with children after marriage, we believe she should give up work to look after her own children. In conclusion, Sabrina, the children who need prayer are those who are being taught the ideology of the sexual revolution in schools and being led to believe they have a right to a sex life (whilst unmarried and aged 11, 12 or 13 etc).To use your words,we would say of them, “poor,poor children.” You, Sabrina, are cumbered with the cares of this world and have little or no spiritual discernment.

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