“Pearls of Wisdom” from Britain’s Youngest Mum !

Miss Amy Crowhurst became pregnant at the age of 12. The father was a 15 year old boy (whatever happened to the law on the age of consent) ? The same boy/man fathered her second child (out of wedlock of course ) which she had at age 16. Now aged 22, Miss Crowhurst has no regrets (and no shame ) about becoming a teenage mum because now she has the freedom “to meet mates and go clubbing when my Mum babysits.” She further states that, “having sex at 12 is fine if you feel ready and aren’t pressured.”

This young woman bears poignant testimony to the corrupting effect of sex education on young minds.She was told that she had the right to a sex life and that marriage was irrelevant. She was further told that her “informed choice” in any given situation was all that mattered and she was taught to practice “safe sex” which in reality is very unsafe as she found to her cost and which is tantamount to speaking of “safe poison”. She and her boyfriend were not liberated from so-called “repressive” attitudes to sex,  rather they were victimised by the wicked sexual revolutionaries behind sex education.They are simply living the life these sex addicts want them to live. Governments turn a blind eye to this child abuse because that is what sex education is, it is State sponsored child abuse on a massive scale.

In conclusion,we think our readers might be interested to know that Elton John wants to have more children !!!!  Words fail us…….

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