The Tragic Case of Paul McCauley

Six years after the attempted murder of Paul McCauley, only one person is behind bars. One person could not have carried out that savage attack on Mr.McCauley and his two friends by himself. Obviously, there were others involved. How can they carry on with their lives as though nothing had happened, whilst poor Mr.McCauley remains in a permanent vegetative state, his life, and his family’s lives, changed forever, because of the wickedness of that brutal gang?

To those wicked men we say, give yourselves up to the police. If you do not, be assured of this, that one day, you will fall into the hands of the living God, and the Bible makes it clear that that is a fearful prospect.

To those covering up for them, we say, stop being a partaker of other men’s sins. Fear God more than you fear these wicked men.

Finally, to the heartbroken McCauley family, you have not been forgotten.We trust you derive some comfort from this fact.

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