Operation Clean Sweep bankrupts the pedlars of Pornography

In 1991, a Christian Minister, Rev.Peter Hammond launched African Christian Action and, in 1994, they launched Operation Clean Sweep, a campaign against the pornographic industry. Whilst the ACA may have had links with Ecumenism,  we commend their courage in confronting the pornographers. As Rev. Hammond stated (or quoted ), “Some people watch things happen, some people make things happen, and some people wonder what happened !” Operation Clean Sweep succeeded in bankrupting the South African editions of Playboy, Penthouse and Scope magazines. The ACA  and other pro-family organisations also succeeded in persuading the owners of over 9,000 retail outlets to stop stocking and selling porn.

This year,in the UK, a book was published by a female author, one E.L.James. The book title is “Fifty Shades of Grey.” According to reviews, the book is about lust, sexual deviance and violent sexual behaviour, therefore, in our opinion, it should be banned. Universal Pictures in USA spent a reported 5 million dollars acquiring the movie rights to the book and its two sequels. One of the producers of the film, Michael DeLuca, committed an obscene act at a “party” in Los Angeles in 1998, so he would certainly have an interest in that which causes outrage.
“Fifty Shades of Grey”  sold 1,162,637 copies in its first eleven weeks, making it the fastest-selling book since records began. There is obviously money in filth for the pedlars of porn. We have complained to the Police and shop owners about corrupting newspapers and magazines etc. only to be told that such materials are not prohibited by law. What kind of law do we have we must ask, if porn does not constitute a violation of it ?

We urge our Christian readers (in particular ), families and individuals alike, to complain when they are confronted with degrading materials in bookshops, in newsagents and supermarkets.They won’t know you’re offended unless you tell them and the more complaints they receive, the more likely they will take action (and placing such magazines in brown paper covers or placing them on the top shelf is to do nothing, we need to persuade them to stop selling them. )

We conclude on a chilling note.The serial killer, Ted Bundy, who killed many women in USA and was executed for his crimes, spoke of his addiction to hard-core pornography and its fuelling effect on his violent behaviour. Here is a quote from him, ” ……will believe what I am saying now: that there are loose in their towns, in their communities, people like me today whose dangerous impulses are being fueled  day in and day out by violence in the media.”

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