London Pride is London’s Shame!

The wicked seized the streets of London yesterday with their annual parade of depravity, nudity and unspeakable acts, otherwise known as Gay Pride.This unholy spectacle was a scaled-down version of previous parades in that it was minus floats. Many “Pillars of Society” covered themselves with shame by their participation in this sordid event, such as, Barclays, LloydsTSB, the Prison Service, the Police, and Amnesty International. Do these not comprise a rogues gallery? Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, ordered that the rainbow flag be flown over Whitehall in support of yesterday’s World Pride.

The London Mayor’s office gave £100,000 of public money to fund the event and Tesco donated £30,000. Since going public about their support for Pride, Tesco has found that such support comes with a high price tag.They had disastrous trading figures and saw a 16% markdown in their share price. We wonder how many Christians are still shopping in Tesco stores? We also wonder how many Christians will oppose Glasgow Pride next Saturday?

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