Declaration of Independence from…….Mormonism !

With shouts of “Freedom, Freedom, Freedom” ringing in the air, approximately 150 Mormons resigned en masse from the LDS church in Salt Lake City on June 30th, 2012. Some left for doctrinal reasons and some for other reasons such as the Mormon Church’s supposed “opposition” to “gays”. However, when one looks at the record of would-be President Mitt Romney and his promotion of and support for “gay” rights (albeit he is presently opposed to gay marriage, emphasis on the word “presently”), one has to wonder if his pro-gay views are prevalent in Mormondom.

One of those who resigned, Michelle Hobbs, age 40, decided to leave because of problems with the Book of Mormon. She said, “It’s all man-made”, and even if she was referring to the Book of Mormon only, her comment was very perceptive, because that book and that religion are entirely man-made. In fact, we refer to Mormonism as “that figment of Joseph Smith’s imagination.” We hope to hear of many more “en masse” resignations in the future.

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