Afghanistan – America’s Friendly Foe !

The Obama Administration has just scored a massive own goal in that, of 7th July (today), the US has designated Afghanistan as a major non-NATO  ally.  Afghanistan an ally? !!! Hillary Clinton made the announcement and this means that, wait for it,  Afghanistan will find it easier to purchase and finance its acquisition of  US defence equipment  (delivery of same will be given priority) and, all credit to Mrs. Clinton, they will have the right to stockpile US military hardware,  and this new status for Afghanistan comes into effect immediately!!!!

Truly the lunatics are running the asylum.  Let us remind ourselves of a few sobering facts about America’s new friend/foe.  Since the US-led invasion of Afghanistan which commenced in 2001, as of July 3rd, 2012, 1,896 members of US military have died (Associated Press figures ),  and 16,687 US  Service members have been wounded, and US troops will not be pulled out of  that country until 2014.  This year alone, there have been attacks on Coalition/US forces in which  Afghan soldiers and/or Police have turned their weapons on the international Military Coalition.

On 3rd July, this past week,  several American soldiers were wounded in an attack and it appears that the attacker was an Afghan soldier who is still at large. Now that Afghanistan can stockpile even more weaponry, courtesy of Barak  and  Hillary, will US forces be more or less at risk of attack before 2014 ?     This decision, on the part of the Obama Administration is not just incomprehensible, it is wicked!

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