Caleb Foundation – A Duty Neglected, An Opportunity Missed !!

A marvellous opportunity to confront the “career” atheist, Richard Dawkins, was afforded to this writer today via Talkback.The topic was The Giant’s Causeway and the National Trust’s decision to allow some reference to Creationism at said tourist attraction, albeit displayed with what they term, “Myths and Legends” !! This pleases Prof.Dawkins, the High Priest of Atheism (make no mistake, it is a religion ), as it holds Biblical Creationists up to scorn and mockery and shuts down all debate on Origins.

It was a privilege to remind him of that which he would rather forget i.e  that many reputable scientists are Biblical Creationists and believe in a Young Earth.  He attempted to counter this fact by stating that they are a tiny minority. Curiously, when I mentioned the name of one of them, Prof. Andy McIntosh, Mr.Dawkins  was heard to say,  “Oh for …….. sake” thereby taking God’s name in vain, yet, for him, there is no God !!  

The Caleb Foundation did not contribute to the programme (inexplicably ), although I understand they were invited to do so, and I for one would like to hear the reason for their silence.They neglected their duty, but the Lord did not leave himself without a witness (actually, two) and that gentleman and myself were ready and willing to “fight the good fight of faith”.

One thought on “Caleb Foundation – A Duty Neglected, An Opportunity Missed !!

  1. Sadly The Caleb Foundation missed an excellent opportunity to speak on the live radio show and I understand that they were invited to do so
    Perhaps they could give an explanation to those of us who support them as to why they failed to do so.
    The two persons who spoke on behalf of truth were most articulate and positive

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