Lessons in Depravity (Title credit to Dr.Ted Williams)

There is a link between sex education in schools and sexual activity among young people, including under-age children. The above-named book makes the case convincingly that sex education is not education at all but rather indoctrination with the ideology of the sexual revolution. These revolutionaries, such as the FPA, Brook and the Terence Higgins Trust are engaged in a battle for the hearts and minds of our children, and their stated and hated foe is Biblical morality. Schoolchildren are being recruited into a lifetime of promiscuity, and sex-ed in schools (and elsewhere, such as Youth clubs) is the recruiting agent.

The vile, pornographic materials circulating in schools under the guise of sex education corrupt innocent young minds, flooding them with suggestions and ideas alien to them, so they are vulnerable to the vile suggestions of these revolutionaries, i.e that they (children) have a right to a sex life, that their parents have no say in the matter, that traditional morality is unhealthy and repressive, that they must make their own “informed choice” about their behaviour.

The law on the age of consent is virtually ignored, and organisations like Brook and the FPA provide children with contraceptives with the full knowledge of the Police. Yet the Police take action against those selling alcohol and tobacco to underage children, but they turn a blind eye when it comes to the peddlers of contraceptives. Some Doctors and school nurses are also guilty in this matter, we can only hope that Christian medics and nurses are not found among them!!

We close with a warning about the ” Christian” version of the sex-ed industry. One is called “Love for Life” (there are others) and they are virtually indistinguishable from the secular variety, but perhaps even more dangerous because they claim to have a “Christian” ethos, which gives them an air of respectability. Love for Life state that young people are special regardless of the choices they make!! Would the Bible support such a statement?

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