Remembering the Vumba Massacre

On Friday 23rd June, 1978, at a Mission station in the Vumba mountains in Rhodesia,  Elim Pentecostal missionaries were massacred by Marxist guerillas, members of the Zimbabwe National Liberation Army. Twelve people died on that terrifying evening and one died a week later in hospital. Their names are as follows, and what a Roll of Honour it is, 

Peter and Sandra McCann and their children, Philip (6) and Joy (4),  
Philip and Susanne Evans and their daughter, Rebecca (5),
Roy and Joyce Lynn and their baby, Pamela Grace (3 weeks old),
Wendy White,
Catherine Picken,
Mary Fisher.  

Roy Lynn came from Cullybackey, Northern Ireland.

The violence and horror visited on these dear saints is best left veiled, but the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church, and it seems that some of the terrorists involved in the massacre later came to faith in Christ.

We do well to remember these magnificent saints, 34 years after they were martyred. Truly, they “…. loved not their lives unto the death”.  Revelation ch.12 v.11.

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