The MacPherson Inquiry and “Racism”

It seems that some of the individuals responsible for the murder of Stephen Lawrence were finally brought to justice in January this year. If guilty as convicted, their crime was wicked and evil, and evildoers must be dealt with by the law. However, in this case, it seems that the Police were also on trial, with accusations of “racism” levelled against them.

Nelson Mandela met the Lawrences in London shortly after the murder, and said they were used to such brutality in South Africa, “where black lives are cheap”. Strange words indeed, when some of the worst violence against black people in South Africa was meted out by other blacks. The murderous ANC “comrades” burned hundreds of blacks to death. Black Town Councillors were targeted and labelled as collaborators with the “apartheid regime”. One such Town Councillor, the courageous T. B. Kinikini in KwaNobuhle, was ordered to resign. His house was stoned when he refused, one of his businesses was burned down, and, in March 1985, he and his two sons were brutally killed. The bodies of him and one of his sons were set alight. His other son’s body was not found. Oh, yes, the Marxist ANC considered black lives very cheap indeed.

 Yet Mandela is hailed as a great statesman, an example to follow. The MacPherson report into the Lawrence murder found the Metropolitan Police, and British society in general, guilty of “institutional” or “unwitting” racism. However, no evidence of racism on the part of the police was ever produced.

In conclusion, read carefully the words of Doreen Lawrence, Stephen Lawrence’s mother, in her statement to the MacPherson inquiry. She was not aware that she was the victim of racism, until it was pointed out to her after all these years by one of the anti-racist groups.

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