The Monstrous Regiment of Women (Title Credit to the Reformer John Knox)

One of the most successful “isms” of Marxism has undoubtedly been the Feminist movement. How does feminist ideology affect a country? Think of Sweden and Iceland, two countries slowly descending into madness because of their acceptance and aggressive promotion of Feminism. 

Last year, Sweden proudly announced the opening of a new “gender-free” pre-school ! Iceland has an openly gay woman Prime Minister, and has been titled “the most gender equal country in the world”. In the present election campaign in that country, one of the candidates is an unmarried mother of three children, one a newborn. She has a boyfriend (we do not use the word “partner”), and they intend to marry this summer. It’s about time!! He will be a “stay-at-home” Dad. What an example of “turning things upside down” and “back to front” and “inside out”.

Feminism does not liberate, it enslaves, and it has a coarsening effect on manners and behaviour. Chivalry has all but disappeared as men run for cover from the venomous insults of this man-hating movement, as it labels them “sexist” when they behave like gentleman. 

We need look no further for an example of the worst excesses of feminism than the play, “The Vulgar Monologues”, by Eve Ensler. It is pornographic and obscene, nothing is taboo, and men are vilified throughout. We have campaigned against this play and attempted to have it banned, by warning the public about the nature of it, by letters to theatres and by public protest. A college student in USA opposed this play when it came to her college, and she received death threats! Her name is Ruth Malhotra. 

We will end this post with a quote from a feminist: “Feminism is the theory, lesbianism is the practice.” 

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