That “Handshake” – Opposition not really relevant” says Eamonn Mallie!

What does the word “relevant” mean? Well, according to one dictionary definition, it means, “important and directly connected with what is being discussed or considered.”

Journalist Eamonn Mallie, when interviewed on BBC Radio 5 Live this week, in response to a question about those who were opposed to Martin McGuinness shaking the Queen’s hand, dismissed such opposition as, “not really relevant”!  So only those in favour of it are “relevant”. When the powers that be state that “everyone is entitled to their views” (on any given subject), don’t believe a word of it, because it isn’t true. The only acceptable view is the politically-correct, non-judgemental, tolerant, and equality/diversity one. Anything else is “not relevant”. Of course, Mr. Mallie is a well-known advocate of the “appeasement process” and, because he has an air of authority and gravitas about him, many are lulled into a false sense of security by him and his ilk.

Those who will not brook any criticism of the overthrow of justice in Northern Ireland have a favourite tactic to discredit those who object to “that handshake” and other examples of Government capitulation to terrorists and terrorism, i.e, lump all objectors together, tar them all with the same brush,  create the impression that they are all against peace. So Christians are linked to so-called Republican “dissidents”, who supposedly opposed Martin McGuinness’s decision to meet the Queen. The “dissidents” are very useful to Sinn Fein because they make them appear courageous, a Party taking “risks for peace.”

Yet another example of the exaltation of the lie at work.

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