Heads Covered but Legs Exposed!

Many Evangelical Christian Churches observe the practice of head covering for women (the wearing of hats), as they believe that it is taught in the Bible and must be encouraged, irrespective of the culture and age in which we live. We agree with this teaching and practice. However, we have observed that the head covering has become more important in some churches than the covering of the body!

So, in many Churches, we see the outrageous spectacle of woman with heads covered but legs (and other parts of the body) either uncovered or insufficiently covered. Where is the rebuke of the disgraceful immodesty of many professing Christian women? Is such rebuke heard thundering from the pulpits in our Province? It seems to us that some Pastors/Ministers are chief in this trespass in that they are silent, perhaps because in some of their own homes, the plague of immodesty is to be found.

Just recently, we witnessed disgraceful immodesty in a Free Presbyterian church. The worst offender (and there were others) gave a predictable, rebellious response when confronted about her provocative dress by one of the writers of this blog, which went something like this, “That is a matter of opinion”. So there we have it, outrageous bodily exposure is now “a matter of opinion”!  She had her head covered, by the way.

The Lord Jesus Christ would say to Pastors  and Ministers who allow such impurity and unholiness in their Churches to “Take these things hence”.

We will finish with a warning to all those rebellious “Christian” women out there, by sharing the observations of a Detective with over 17 years experience (in USA) who stated that in many murders and attacks on women, provocative dress was a factor. So, immodest Christian women are not only stumbling-blocks to the male members of congregations, but outside the Church, in wider society, they are actually more at risk of attack, so immodesty is positively dangerous!

We finish with this advice, a good standard for the dress of the Christian woman, is summed up in these words: clothing should be long, loose, and lots of it.

2 thoughts on “Heads Covered but Legs Exposed!

  1. I complained about the dress code in a FPC and the clergyman retorted
    ” Do you keep your top button in ”
    The problem is Fear Of Women

    Fear of job loss
    Fear of Salary
    Fear of Car
    Fear of manse

    Little fear of God

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