Anonymous Accusers

The recent case against a Londonderry teacher which concluded with a “Not Guilty” verdict clearly shows that when the accused is male and the alleged crime is of a sexual nature, the scales of justice are heavily weighted in favour of the accuser. In this recent case, as in all other similar cases,the accused is named while the accuser is granted anonymity.

In such cases, it is rare for a jury to find a male not guilty, because Feminism has brainwashed society into believing that women are innocent and good (almost always), and that men are evil, therefore guilty (almost always). So here is the question to ask of the accuser of the teacher, “Are you a liar and a false accuser?” Anyone guilty of such should be on trial in a court of law and their identity should be revealed.

In the BBC report of the case of the teacher, it appeared that the reporter hesitated after saying the word “found” and before saying the words “not guilty”, and the impression given was that she would have been happier to report a “guilty”  verdict.

Now, lest anyone think that we believe that men are always innocent, perish the thought. We acknowledge that some men have committed terrible crimes, but that is also true of some women, and many women have become aggressive and violent because of militant Feminism. We are concerned about the many innocent men who have had their lives almost destroyed by man-hating, woman-hating, marriage-hating feminism.

Is there not a strange irony in this concluding thought,  i.e  that radical lesbian,  man-hating, marriage-hating feminists are agitating for, believe it or not, “gay MARRIAGE”, of all things.

4 thoughts on “Anonymous Accusers

  1. “Now, lest anyone believe men are always innocent…” – as far as I’m concerned, men are NEVER innocent, they’re all …obsessed animals.

    • Yuri K,
      You have obviously been hurt by a man, but to make such a generalization is totally wrong. I could say the same thing about women in a general way. People, men and women, seem to be totally obsessed with having sex all the time.

  2. If there were no immoral women there would be less immorality
    Lots of females dress in provocative clothing amd please do not tell me that they do not know any better!
    The human being has fallen to the level of the farmyard
    A number of annimals and birds remain faithful to the one mate throughout their entire life!Compare this with many human being!

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