The “Gay” Juggernaut and the Terror to come!

This past week saw the aggressively pro-homosexual country of Canada outdo itself in its insane acceptance and promotion of all things “gay” when Quebec launched the “Registry of Homophobic Acts”, a “world first”. As usual, an aggressive group,”GAI-ecoute (translated Gay Line) are behind this sinister development, willingly assisted by law-enforcement and Government agencies. What constitutes “homophobic acts”?

Here is a quote from said Register, “any negative word or act toward a homosexual or homosexuality in general: physical abuse, verbal abuse, intimidation, harassment, offensive graffiti, abuse, injurious mockery, inappropriate media coverage and discrimination”. Oh dear, we Christians are in trouble, because the Bible is very negative about homosexual activity, and has nothing positive to say about it. The Word of God is very judgemental when it comes to sin (all sin and any sin), but we should not find this surprising, because God created us and as the Judge of all the earth, He and He alone defines what is and what is not sin.

Woe to the man or woman who attempts to redefine sin by labelling it as something else such as “an alternative lifestyle” or “an orientation”. Methinks that true Christians will be among the first to be rounded up as “enemies of the state” and transported to “re-education centres” (modern-day gulags).

Is this a realistic scenario? Yes. Is it likely to happen? Yes, and not just in Canada. However, the Marxist/Homosexual/Feminist agenda can be restrained and held back, but only if Christians speak out, and that publicly, and by attendance at Christian witness against Pride parades. There are two Gay pride parades in Scotland this summer and, to date, there are no arrangements in place for public Christian witness against them.

Their side will win by default if such opportunities to oppose them are ignored.

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