The Queen and the Terrorist Oops… Former!

The media is doing itself proud in the lavish praise it is heaping on Comrade McGuinness, in that he has decided the time is right to condescend and “shake the hand of the Queen of England” (note, not the Queen of the UK and Commonwealth). Some Reporters seem almost overcome with the emotion of it all, that they struggle to find the words to describe the momentous occasion ahead! It is time for a reality check.

This ill-advised and inexplicable handshake will not be a joyous occasion but rather a profoundly sad one. Why? Martin McGuinness is an unrepentant evildoer, one of many, and he, like them, has been rewarded rather than punished for evildoing. This  leopard has not changed his spots, and one only has to think of his behaviour during his Irish Presidential bid last year, when he intimidated and frightened a female interviewer who asked too many  questions about his past.

The media circus next week will be pathetic to behold as they fawn over a man who has forfeited his right to be in Government because of his violent past and the Queen, who, whatever her private thoughts about the matter, must obey the orders of her political masters in Westminster and the NIO.

We read in 2 Samuel ch. 23, these words about rulers, “The God of Israel said, the Rock of Israel spake to me, He that ruleth over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God.”

Now,  how does Mr. McGuinness and his ilk measure up?

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